ACL auditing software – Only risk, or also uses?

Growing volumes of data and complex EDP systems have led to the development of specialised software solutions, with which structured analyses of unlimited volumes of data can be carried out rapidly.

In the course of audits according to revenue law, many business owners have already learned the "risk" of this auditing software:

  • Statements on lacking invoice numbers
  • Information on reversals
  • Interpretation regarding vacillating sales and daily cash receipts (weekday analyses)
  • Sales input validations


AUDIT SERVICES AUSTRIA has for some years used the advantages of computer-supported data analysis and could achieve considerable uses for clients in particular in the course of drawing up special expert reports.

We also use this program e.g. to coordinate sub-ledgers with the main ledger and can in this way verify the completeness of data received. The possibilities of analysis are only limited by the user and his experience (e.g. age structures of open items, identical bank details in the master data and payroll allocation, ...).

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